Secondary school Principal – Mr. Putu Mudita

Putu Mudita was born in Jakarta, 9th June 1970. He finished his Master degree from University of Pune, India. He has been in education field for over 14 years as a Teacher and Principal. Being a teacher is his passion. He was brought up in an educator family, his father was a school Principal, his brothers and sisters are teachers and lectures. He is into Human Value Education, it says “Education without character, Science without humanity, politics without principles and commerce without morality are not only useless, but positively dangerous”. What humanity needs now is examples of good character and integrity, particularly among the youth of the nation.


Primary school Principal – Mrs. Maya Kriplani

Maya Kriplani has been an ardent and charismatic educator for the past 32 years. Teaching in other International Schools prior to Global Sevilla, Maya gained invaluable experience in the field of Education.
She joined Sevilla in 2003 as a coordinator for the Primary Department as well as an English Literature and History teacher for the secondary during its humble beginnings at a Ruko in Kelapa Gading. In 2008, she was promoted to be the Principal of the Primary Department.
With her passion for Literature, she initiated annual plays to become an integral part of the English Department. Since 2009, the Primary Department with her highly talented team of teachers has grown by leaps and bounds. Global Sevilla has achieved many milestones over the years especially in Musical performances.
She has a heart for children, educating and encouraging them using a positive approach is her forte. She strongly believes that every child has innate talents, which when nurtured with love and patience will bring out the best in them.
The Primary years being the pinnacle of learning is a place where students are taught to think critically, to strive to attain high standards, to meet the challenges posed by technological advancements and to develop citizenship and basic values. To achieve these goals our teachers at Global Sevilla are the best role models, their valuable contribution shapes our students to become individuals that are confident, high spirited and resilient. It is her dream that someday, Global Sevilla will birth forth dynamic leaders of integrity and charisma illuminating this nation and becoming a legacy for generations to come.
While she is confident that Global Sevilla will continue to soar to greater heights, today she is happy to witness Global Sevilla grow into a School that has impacted and made a difference to the lives of her beloved students. The warm and serene environment creates a safe haven in the hearts of students and is a welcoming place to all parents, students and staff.
Carpe Diem – Seize the Day is her motto in life, she believes each day is a gift from the Almighty and one should live life to the fullest. She is convinced that by showing gratitude in all circumstances, showers of blessings will always pour from our heavenly Father.


Kindergarten school Principal – Mrs. Krishna Mazumder

Kindergarten, is the most fun-filled years of our life, it teaches us reading, writing, basic maths, music, dance actually everything through play. Most of our character is developed in these years, between the age of two to six. 65%of our brain is developed by the age of 3, and 95% by the age of 5. What we are today is a reflection of what has been given to us in our Kindergarten years. I have spend almost 24 years of my career in molding and creating children in their Kindergarten years, out of which , 16 years in Jakarta. Being with the children of this age group gives me pleasure. We have lots of fun-filled activities comprising of games, competitions, drama, picnics, field-trips, dress-ups and many more, which gives me pleasure and excitement. Children of Kindergarten are so fresh and naïve that their innosense keeps be young and vibrant. Being an active person, GSPM gives me the opportunity to develop our Kindergarten as a home outside home, along with the help and support of our parents . My passion, is to see all our Kindergarteners to be a successful, responsible, passionate with a caring and loving heart.