School Founders


(Late) Prof. DR. Nurcholish Madjid (Cak Nur)
Received his Phd Degree from University of Illinois – USA. He was one of the national Moslem leaders who promoted inclusiveness and pluralism. Now his wife, Mrs. Omi Komaria Madjid is also active in assuring the hope and dreams of Cak Nur are crafted amongst students of GSIS & CIS as the advisory board members of the schools


Sudhamek AWS, SH SE
was Chief Executive Officer of GarudaFood Group since 1994 and as a Group CEO of Tudung Group (Holding Company of GarudaFood Group) since 2006 – 2012.  Currently, he is the Chairman of GarudaFood Group and also the group Chairman of Tudung Group. GarudaFood is one of the biggest Food and Beverage Corporations which export its products to China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Australia, UAE and India. He also actively promotes inclusiveness and pluralism through MBI (Majelis Buddhayana Indonesia).  He is also one of the founders of ICRP (Indonesia Conference on Religion & Peace) and the Chairman of Board of Patron of Yayasan Budi Pekerti Luhur which manages two international schools in Pulo Mas and Puri Indah campuses.


Vincent Jaya Saputra MTh BBA CWM
is the Director of the Manufacturing Division of Kencana group. Kencana Group owns several divisions including manufacturing, trading, property development, and banking. The company right now invests across several countries including China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. He also manages three manufacturing companies: BNM Stainless Steel, Supra Aluminium Industri, and Ekstrindo Laminasi. He is one of the businessmen who actively promotes business ethics.