Message from School Director

Welcome to Central International School, Jakarta

Global Sevilla International School is providing the balanced education to nurture our children to be the brilliant world citizens of tomorrow with noble characters. We believe that the rise of information and communication technology will be inevitable and will change the world of the future.

Therefore, besides giving the children the knowledge and skill to utilize those technologies, we also develop their character and values. Consequently, we endeavor to provide the state-of-the-art educational technology, from having the interactive boards in the classroom, full wireless connection to the internet, social media communication management and also now we proudly launch the interactive school website to give closer communication to the parents, students and public communities.

We believe that through this interactive website, our recipients will be enabled to communicate with us easier through their communication gadgets. We believe as well that all recipients will be willing to give more input and suggestions for ways to help us improve as a school.

We believe that every child is created with their own uniqueness. The school is responsible for digging out the children’s potential and developing them based on their talents and aptitude. Therefore, the good education system is an education that enables all students to find out their potential and talents and provides a balanced education, not only focusing on the academic side but also on their characters and other potential skills or talents. The children will undertake education of more than 12 years in the K12 Education system; therefore they deserve to have a fun, enjoyable and free of stress learning environment.

All staff, students and parents of Global Sevilla International School are proud to be part of the school family. All of us understand that we will always nurture the global students with P.R.I.D.E.

Robertus Budi Setiono Director of Global Sevilla International School

Robertus Budi Setiono, S.Pd MM
Director of Schools